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Testimonials From Clients of Su Walker

Who have had psychic readings or medical intuitive readings

"You gave me a medical reading not long ago. About 2 weeks, I think. I have put in to place almost everything you advised. I feel three thousand percent better. I can't even believe it. : ) Many many many thanks. -SW -- >

Dear Su, I just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful and wonderful letter that you had sent me.The letter almost made me cry. It just gave me so much hope for the year to come. I am so excited for what's in store for me, especially on February 17th 2013. I really appreciate all of your help and counsel. You will never know how much you mean to me. I will definately call you again in the future. Thank You --

Amazing accuracy!!! When I ask when something will happen, from a timing perspective Su nails it usually within several days of the event but this last time was 100% accurate. The details given of the situation I ask about are always very descriptive and spot on. I will never work with anyone other than Su. -- CC, N.C.

Su is an extraordinary psychic/ medical initiative. I found her insight and knowledge , extremely accurate . Su has a very warm, comfortable and loving energy about her. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a gifted , remarkable psychic like Su. Thank you from the purest place in my heart. ~Ursula C. California

"I'm sure psychic Su Walker does not remember this but she told me almost 20 years ago that I'd marry a man named Pierre, which I found hard to believe. Strangely, he was living in my neighborhood but spending a lot of time in France about then. So now "Pierre" and I are talking about spending our 10th wedding anniversary (in 2013) in Paris!"

I had never had a psychic phone reading until I met Su Walker. Within the first minute of our phone conversation, I knew that she was the real deal. She accurately saw a surgery I'd had performed months earlier, and advised what my body needed to heal. It was simply amazing! I'll be a returning customer! -- tc, Nevada

I've had several psychic readings with Su. Not only is she very accurate at perceiving what's happening around me, but she cares. She is kind, helpful, and a good shoulder to cry on when I need it. -- da, Louisiana

Frankly, I was skeptical about psychic readings. I happened across Su Walker's web site, and spent a lot of time reading her articles. She seemed to have a lot of depth to her, not the average phone psychic that I'd seen advertised on tv. So one day when I found myself needing some guidance, I gave her a call. I'm no longer a skeptic. My psychic reading with Su was so accurate that it sent chills through me. She nailed my life and the situation I was in precisely, and this was with me not talking at all! I just gave her my name, date of birth, where I was born, and asked one question. Wow. I'm impressed! -- mj, Iowa

Not only is Su exceptionally accurate with her work, but she presents the choices in a clear manner so you can make best decision. I can tell you that I have been highly energised at all the future possibilities that Su has presented during our conversations. If I chose to follow a particular path that she suggesed, it was highly accurate - sometimes in the most surprising way! Another reason to call Su is that she is very approachable and practical with her readings. I would suggest to anyone to take notes (if possibile) during the reading, you'll be amazed at both Su's precision and wisdom! -- mn, New Zealand

The last reading Su did for me was right on the money! I've passed her name onto my daughter and my friends. Just incredible accuracy. -- cm, Arkansas

I just wanted to thank you for the Medical Intuitive Reading a few months back. You advised me to start taking B12 and I picked some up and have been taking GNC liquid brand since our consultation. Along with a GNC B Complex, I feel like I am making progress with my anxiety. I am still seeing a psychiatrist and experimenting with psychiatric meds, but I feel the B12 really does enhance conventional therapy. You also told me that the bad taste I had was genetic and that it was worse on my right side of my tongue. At first I was skeptical, but after I followed the advice of other Medical Intuitives to heal my acid reflux and sinus problems, I am certain you were inferring I had "Burning Mouth Syndrome". I came to this conclusion after talking to my mom, who has the exact same sensations in that part of her tongue. Now I am taking Alpha Lipoic Acid to cure the BMS (which also helps with Irritable Bowel). I just wanted to thank you for the reading. Even though at the time I was kind of skeptical, your words over time, have proven to help. I am looking forward to another consultation (when I have the money). lol :) The investment was well worth it, and I feel I have made the most progress through your help.

Su's skills as a medical intuitive are amazing. Thank you Su, for the care and concern your words and actions demonstrated to me during my dark time. God bless you. -- ak, New York

Su has been doing readings for me for several years. Her accuracy is incredible! Today, I was looking over some notes she had given me about five years ago. She had actually told me the name of a man who would become involved in a significant relationship with my daughter. Needless to say, I was very skeptical at the time that anyone would be able to come up with the exact name of a romantic interest. Not only was the name right on, but, everything she described about his occupation and interests were exactly correct. Thank you, Su, for your caring, insight and sensitivity! JB - PA


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