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My Sources:  Angels, Spirit Guides or …?

by Su Walker

I'm often asked if I get my psychic and medical intuitive information from spirit guides or angels. The honest answer is I'm not quite sure what or who responds when I pose a question to the Universe. Is it spirit guides? Angels? Akashic record archivists? God? Personally, I can tell you that I very much believe that I am helped by Deity. When I get psychic information, it honestly seems as if I am connected with an entire group of positive and enlightened spiritual sources; but exactly what to call them..? While I have come to totally trust and rely on whomever or whatever provides me with information, I must be honest and say I don't precisely know what the origin is. I've fallen back on simply referring to these information providers as my Sources.

The group or Sources that allows me access to the detailed medical information I receive seems to slightly vary from one time to the next. They respond to my asking about a person's medical condition like a panel of experts all examining the client at the same time. Occasionally, different personalities emerge, and along with their responses being very detailed, they often have a strong sense of humor. The information from my Sources comes to me in layered images, much like the illustration below.

 Many times their responses come so quickly, like a dozen people all talking at once, that it takes me a moment to separate one layer out from another. With each client, the layers change with my questions. Sometimes My Sources provide a lot of history and explanation as to why my client has developed a particular condition. Other times, the focus is on what needs to change for the body to return back to a normal healthy state.

Always, my personal focus is for my clients to understand as completely as possible a thorough understanding of the detailed information my Sources provide. The goal is to help folks to learn about that keeps a body healthy, how it's gone out of whack and how can they best work with their doctor or health care practitioner to regain a balanced state.

If you are curious about what my Sources might tell me about you, health wise or otherwise, just give me a call. I'd be happy to sit down, open up, and ask what they have to say.

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