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The Andre Chronicles, Introduction:

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for in Lakota sweat lodges…you will get it! For months I had been sensing a shift upward coming, a bump up in my psychic skills was quickly approaching on the horizon, but I didn’t know exactly how or why it wanted to manifest when it did. I have been a practicing professional psychic for nearly fifteen years, and had experienced all kinds of unusual things and strange phenomena. Since 1990 I’ve had to deal with everything from UFOs to ghosts to murder cases. I’ve trained people from all walks of life how to increase their own psychic skills, and talked to countless thousands about exactly what “is normal” in the world of an every day practicing clairvoyant.

But this upcoming change shift…this was a little different. I’m not a medium and the realm of “angels and spirits” really hadn’t been my thing. However, ready or not, I could tell something was definitely about to shift regarding this whole area. I was sensing more and more the pressing in close of the spirit realm, but had no idea what exactly was coming or what to do about it.

As I look back, it felt like I was inside a fish bowl with all of the spirit world, thousands of beings, pressed against the glass peering in at me. I could just imagine them asking one another…. ”Can she see us yet? No, not yet!” Then they would teeter and giggle. “Just wait!” they told one another. There were so many of them! I was frustrated because I could only sense them vaguely…I couldn’t see them clearly like I all the other psychic images I received every day. I knew the day was fast approaching where I would be able to see them all…but that had me feeling worried, scared, and more than a little overwhelmed.

Then I met the Lakota shaman, Iron Feather. It was the eve of the Summer Solstice and there was a full moon. We spoke in his kitchen, sitting across the simple wooden table from one another while Watches Stars, his half-side prepared food for the sweat lodge scheduled that night. I explained to Iron Feather my predicament…the feeling of being in a huge fishbowl and that that things were about to change, to bump up psychically in a big, big way. I explained my fears and let him know that I’d spent my entire life avoiding what I called “the dark side” of energy. I knew it existed, but was so frightened by it that I just pretended it wasn’t there hoping maybe it would go away and leave me alone. However, internally I knew that the sudden increase that was about to come would mean that I would be able to perceive the dark, icky and evil as well as the positive, light-filled and loving end of the spiritual realm.

Iron Feather listened thoughtfully, understanding my trepidation about suddenly being able to see all of these spirits that I had sensed were pressing closer and closer. These were beings he was intimately familiar with and talked to on a daily basis. “Don’t worry,” he said. I’ll take care of it in lodge tonight. You just pray…tell the Spirits what you want and why. I’ll handle the rest.” So, in the hundred and eighty degree heat of the lodge that night, I prayed…hard. I poured out my desires and fears telling all the various kinds of spirits that I wanted to see them clearly and understand what their messages were for me. I let the Creator know that I didn’t want to be afraid, but that I wanted to use my clairvoyant vision and love for helping and healing people, animals, Spirits…anyone in need. I made a promise to God and Goddess that I would learn, to the best of my ability, anything and everything they sent my way, including how to wisely handle dealing with “the dark.”

Iron Feather informed me later than hundreds of spirits came into the lodge in that two and a half hour period. Each one that entered, he directed toward me telling them, “The one you need to talk to, she’s over there.” When I crawled out of the lodge, I was dizzy, exhausted and definitely overwhelmed. In the space of an evening it felt like I had crawled into the lodge with my mind an empty hard drive, and come out with such an intense and complete download of information that I didn’t even know what skills or abilities I now possessed! I was definitely near Spiritual overload, but in a good way. When the lodge was finally finished, I crawled out the door and was helped to my feet. I looked up at the stars and out at the surrounding forest.

Oh my Goddess did things look different! There were sparkles of light, moving in drifts like flocks of birds. A beautiful cobalt blue deer stood at the edge of the forest and when I cocked my head at her, she turned and vanished, going straight through a large oak tree. Sounds were different. The breeze blowing gently through the forest leaves sang with a fluttering, breathy, alto flute-like whispering. Even the stars seemed twinkle and wink at me with individual energies and distinct personalities.

“So,” Iron Feather grinned at me, “How did you like the Spirit’s that I sent your way?”

I looked at him and opened and closed my mouth, and finally shook my head. “That,” I admitted, “was amazing! You wouldn’t believe what I’m already starting to see.” He smiled a knowing smile. “Yes,” he said honestly. “Yes, I would. It will get stronger. You will begin to see more of everything. The Spirits will be coming to you in all manner of ways.” That was the beginning of what was to be some of the most wonderful sharing with my Lakota shaman friend and his half-side. Iron Feather was right. Everything was different from then on. I had invited the Spirit world into my life in a big way. I honestly had no idea what I had asked for or what I was in for, but knew that somehow I was ready for what God and Goddess were about to send to me. Or at least, I thought I knew.

And three days later, Andre walked in my front door.

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