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Are We A Good Match?  Comparing Charts for Astrological Compatibility
By Psychic Su Walker

Date to be announced

This is a beginning astrology class designed to go over again the symbols and glyphs of a regular astrology chart and then move on to give you the basic understanding of comparing one chart with another to determine how compatible two people really are. Hand-outs (cheat sheets) will be provided to make the back and forth comparison much easier and reference books will be available for purchase at the seminar.

"If you want insight into a personal relationship, this course is invaluable!" says Su. "This class gives you the tools needed to check out a potential or improve a current connection with another person. You can even look back to see why an old relationship failed. Knowing how to compare things astrologically gives you that deeper insight. Often times it just take looking at the two charts for just five minutes before the ah-ha, that explains it! light bulb of understanding suddenly comes on."

When you sign up for the seminar, please provide Su with the full name, birth-date, birth place and birth time of anyone you would like to compare charts with (yourself plus two other people.) Class size is limited to 10. Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided. Call 515-291-6038 to reserve your spot.

When would be a good day to…?:  Astrological Planning Made Simple
By Psychic Su Walker

Date to be announced

 How do you look ahead to find a good date for an event? Are the moon and other planets favorable positions or will you be setting yourself up for disaster? What kind of a day it will be astrologically and what can you expect? Whether it's a wedding, a surgery or a vacation, knowing the basics of astrological planning is a very valuable tool! This beginning course will help you learn to use an ephemeris (astrological reference book) and give you what you need take that look forward in time to so that you can choose your best options for the future.

"It's not hard to take that look forward," says Su." Just knowing a few basic rules of thumb brings you a great deal of insight and help you work with the astrological flow and not fight against it. Once you have the gist of this, you can use it to plan the best days and times for just about anything coming up in life! You'll use what's taught in this course over and over!"

When you sign up for the seminar, please have in mind an event or two that you would like to plan for and Su will help you evaluate when would be best and why. Class size is limited to 10 people. Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided. Call 515-291-6038 to reserve your class place.

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