Psychic Su Walker
Psychic Su Walker

The Andre Chronicles, Chapter 1:

Meeting Andre

It was nearly ten p.m. on Friday when I heard the vehicle pull up in the driveway, the crunching sounds of gravel overriding the serenity of that warm summer evening in June. I lit the last of a dozen candles in my living room and blew out the match. Andre had just pulled up. While he and I had never met in person, we had spent nearly six hours on the phone that same afternoon and evening talking about everything from science to art. What began as a bit of psychic work for him had turned into a long and intense discussion about multi-sensory perception, energy work, and a little about my own abilities. At the end of our phone conversation it was nearly nine when he asked if I was doing anything right then. Before I knew it, he was on his way to my house.

Somehow, regular glaring lamps and overhead lights just didn’t feel right for this occasion. As I often do with dear friends and my students, I lit the room with a dozen or so candles. Upon opening the front door, they flickered and Andre’s dark eyes swept the room. I greeted him casually, indicated a place on the loveseat, and sat opposite him. Andre is, by nature, a man of few words. A dark haired gentleman with a soft, deep voice I found him to be an individual with many talents, all the while possessing an air of mystique. Sitting in my living room, his eyes took in every detail. Very slowly and quietly he started to open up. He mentioned he had “some experience” working with energy fields.

Andre knew me more as an energy receiver or psychic than an energy projector. I’ve been a professional clairvoyant and medical intuitive for eighteen years now, and my clients span the globe. I also teach a variety of classes in psychic phenomena. When it comes to psychokinesis or PK, my students learn more than the usual sort of thing, as I take them beyond just beefing up their auras and forming energy balls between their hands. I told him that I too had some unusual personal experience with energy projection. I’ve caused clocks to stop working, lights to come on, and other strange things. I asked if he had ever experienced anything unusual in his attempts at projecting energy. He paused and looked at me, hesitating a moment as if not sure how to proceed. I could tell he didn’t relate his personal story to just anyone. Finally, he spoke.

“Yes,” he said, “but I’m…different.”

It was a cryptic statement, one I did not understand at the time. “Different how?” I was curious now. The Scorpio rising part of me definitely wanted to know what he meant. “Well, it’s something that’s easier to show you than to explain in words.” “So, what are you going to show me?” I asked. “Do you want to know what it feels like inside a thunderstorm?” “Sure,” I quickly answered, interested in what he would have to say. He paused just about the space of a heartbeat. “I’m going to put my fingertips on your forehead, is that okay?” he asked, quietly. I nodded, slightly confused but thought, okay let’s see where this goes. Andre reached up and placed the index and middle fingers of his left hand to the middle of my forehead, touching my sixth chakra, activating that psychic center. Immediately there was an explosion of light in my head and an electric tingle around the edges of my third eye, which began to slightly burn and throb. Images of rolling, broiling dark clouds with flashes of lightning filled me. Sounds of incredibly fast rushing wind swept past my ears and I could feel the ache of low pressure on my eardrums. I jumped as the sting of hail on my arms and face hit me, hard! A moment later I was whirling, going round and round, and up, up, as the roar of wind increased and I suddenly became dizzy, disoriented…my inner world was spinning out of control.

Andre released me and my eyes flew open. His slightly curved fingers were poised inches from my forehead. I swayed just a bit and let the dizziness ebb, staring at him. The man sat there, amazingly totally calm. His dark brown eyes were watching intently for my reaction. “That,” he said quietly, “was a thunderstorm that spawned a tornado.” Wide eyed, I blinked, dumbly nodded, and rubbed my still stinging forehead. Wow!

My mind raced with a thousand questions. What the heck has just happened? I felt like I was right there! Why was my third eye stinging so bad? What was the explosion of light I saw? How could he project the energy so strongly that I felt the hail, saw the lightning, and physically experienced spinning in the vortex of the tornado?

“How did you do that?” I asked in awe. Andre shrugged as if what he had just done was normal, everyday sort of stuff. “I’m just different,” was all he said. All the while, those eyes never left me. He was watching and listening intently and a small part of me felt like I was being scrutinized. His chin lifted ever so slightly, and his lips pursed just once. Finally, the appraisal seemed finished and he blinked a slow, knowing blink. Before I could plunge ahead with even one of the thousand questions I had, Andre spoke again. His eyes radiated a deep mystique. “Do you want to see more?” This time I was a bit cautious. The stinging in my third eye hadn’t subsided, but my curiosity got the better of me. “Okay,” I said finally. His left hand again moved to my forehead. “I’m going to take you someplace else.”

As my eyes closed, the lights exploded in my mind again and then everything became quiet, still and black. I had the abrupt sensation of moving through a tunnel at light speed and then just as suddenly I stopped. It wasn’t quiet anymore, but my head was filled with distant, extremely beautiful, deep bell like tones. In the background was a sort of constant undulating humming that possessed an almost musical variation. I felt particles touching my skin, bouncing and dancing on it, tickling the surface ever so slightly. Something wispy and fog-like was gently blowing by and through me at the same time. The combination of sounds and sensations was wondrous and ethereal. I sighed, relaxed and just floated there, listening and feeling things I had never experienced before. I had no idea where I was, but this place was filled with a heavenly peace and calm. Somewhere, in what seemed like the far distance, a deep bass voice spoke. “Now I’m going to take you to another place,” I heard him say. With his hand still on my forehead, the tunnel effect formed again and suddenly I was sucked into an environment that was anything but calm and serene. All around me were chaotic explosions of light and sound, as if I were in the middle of a blaze at fireworks factory. Intense heat surged in waves tearing at my skin. Blinding bursts echoed and after echoed again and again behind my eyes. I was being tossed about like a raft on a dark churning sea of fire. Scores of things were happening all at once, overloading every sense I possessed with waves of energy coming from all directions simultaneously. Danger! Get the hell out of here! My mind screamed as I gasped for breath.

Andre took his hand away from my forehead, my eyes snapped open and I found myself suddenly back on the living room sofa, panting. “What the hell…what was that?” I demanded. “Which one?” he asked calmly. “The last one! Where was that?” “Oh,” he replied without a hint of smile, “that was the center of the Milky Way galaxy where stars are born.” I blinked. My mouth opened and closed once. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. Breathe, I reminded myself. I looked at Andre. He was dead serious. My mind hiccupped at the fleeting notion that he was telling the truth. I was silent a moment, and then couldn’t help myself. I had to ask. “And the other place?” “You mean the one with the bell tones?” Bell tones. That’s exactly what I’d heard. Maybe this was real. “Yes, the one with the bells,” I replied somewhat hesitantly. “That’s the place I go to hear what I call the music of the spheres. It’s somewhere out in deep space.”

Music of the spheres. That description would certainly fit the beautiful place where I’d floated. As my breathing began to slow down, I eyed this man up and down. His demeanor was absolutely calm, as if he had just passed me a cup of coffee instead of taking me on a surreal psychic trip through the galaxy by putting his fingers on my forehead. His body language told me that, for all the world, doing this sort of thing was normal for him. There was absolutely no sense of trickery, but at the same time Andre was far from an open book. My psychic probing hit a brick wall. His inner shields were good and strong and there was a LOT behind them he wasn’t telling me. He was allowing information out a bit at a time, controlling exactly what he would allow me to see and know and keeping the rest hidden. At a loss for my usual multi-sensory means of gathering extra information, I began to pepper him with questions. “But where is this exactly? How did you take me there? How did you find it in the first place?” “I just do,” was all he replied. He paused and looked at me closely for the second time in a few minutes. Once more, I was being appraised. Again, he inhaled, exhaled and let a small fraction of that inner shield down. I don’t know what I was being examined for, but something he was picking up about me kept moving him to continue.

“More?” was all he said. There’s more? For a moment I wasn’t sure what do to. Was this stuff real? Why were his shields up so strong…stronger than anyone I’d ever seen before! Did I trust him? What the heck was this projection thing he did with his fingers on my forehead? My third eye stung, but it was clear Andre was not trying to hurt me. As I sat next to him, his body language was open, honest and calm. My heart chakra tugged and for the first time I sensed a very strong desire for empathy coming from him. Having lowered his emotional shields just a bit, my intuition told me that he might not have shown his abilities openly to very many people. I could tell he took this work seriously, and wanted very much to have me understand more about what he could do and who he was inside.

There was something else about this man…something else I couldn’t quite put my psychic finger on. There was an allure about him, a combination of wisdom, power, and sex appeal. Far in the back reaches of my mind, I was vaguely aware of a far greater potency and ability than he wanted to or was willing to show me just then. My psychic senses whispered to me of incredible connection and power, and a strange confusing notion crossed my mind. Vampire? I felt both an understanding of the dark foreboding as well as the light-loving end of the energy spectrum psychically overlay on top of this man. Extremely intense light filled images flashed by and were gone a microsecond later. I remember though seeing the image of a book with a blue feather on the cover and the word Bach. Strange…curious, I thought.

I nodded finally and allowed Andre to put his fingers again to my third eye. The tunnel effect began and a moment later, my mind was filled with a soft swirling of colors that seemed to pass through my body. I wanted to reach my hand out to touch these transparent clouds. There was a brief pause as I lingered there in the calm, taking in the beauty for a snippet of time before the trip through the tunnel brought me into a world of sudden blinding brilliance. My mind nearly exploded inside my skull. It was as if I was standing inside a nuclear blast. The most intense energy wave I’ve ever felt ricocheted through my body. My brain and all my muscles contracted and recoiled violently. The unexpected shock wave tossed me backwards against the cushions of the sofa. The contact with Andre’s fingers ceased abruptly and my eyes flew open. My head hurt like a son of a gun, my third eye burned and throbbed with a painful sort of intensity I’d never experienced before. The muscles in my arms and legs ached and trembled in a way I couldn’t control. Shaking, I reached for my forehead, instinctively rubbing away the raw burning sensation and realized I was gulping for air. “Ow…Ow…Ow! What the heck was that?” I demanded. His look changed to one of concern. His left projecting hand dropped to his side, the fingers tucked away under his left thigh and out of sight. “Are you okay?” he asked with deep concern. “Yes, but….” “No,” he stopped me in mid-sentence, his dark eyes on my shaking hand as it rubbed my forehead. “Are you sure you’re okay?” The worry in his voice was palpable. His eyes were wider, more open and extremely readable for the first time.

A wave of probing from Andre enveloped me. I felt an unusual pulling sensation in my chest. It was as if he was trying to psychically discern my own health status, but there was more than that. I felt his concern and worry at a deeply caring level. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered if his brand of energy projection connection caused my empathic senses to link with him in a clearer, stronger way…or was it that he simply also projected emotion clearly. Perhaps he had to drop his own personal shields to probe me. In that moment, I was too shaky to be able to know exactly which was true. I just knew that he was really, honestly afraid that he had injured me. “We’d better stop.” His deep voice was edged with worry. I stopped rubbing my forehead, but kept my hand there and looked at him closely. “No, really, I’m okay. My forehead aches a little,” I said, downplaying what I really felt. “But what was that? That last explosion…thing.” I groped for words, my mind still somewhat numb. “Are you positive?” he asked again. “I want to make sure I didn’t hurt you.” Somehow he knew I wasn’t letting on to the full extent of shock that had just gone through me. I knew instinctively too that if I tried to sugar coat my reality to him, he would sense it. His concern was real, and he deserved an honest reaction. “Yes,” I reiterated. “I’m really okay. My third eye feels a little crispy but it’s honestly not bad. This is potent stuff,” I said grinning sideways. My mind cuffed me. That was an understatement, it said. “It’s pretty strong, but I can handle it. Now please, what was that,” I asked again. Andre sat back away from me, his projecting hand came up and cupped his knee. I noted that even he was shaking slightly. I didn’t know if it was because of all the energy he just been projected through his body, if it was because he was scared that he had hurt me, or if there was another reason. “Well, first I took you to the Aquila nebula, it’s one of my favorite places. That last thing, well, that was a gamma ray burst.” “You mean a super nova?” I asked shocked. “For real?” He looked down and nodded. Holy buckets, I thought. Gamma ray bursts are one of the most potent explosions of light and energy in the universe. A supernova blast! Gods, no wonder I felt knocked for a psychic loop! My brain was slowly coming back on line and I had a thousand questions. More than anything else, I wanted to know how Andre projected the way he did and if he could teach me. I had never read of anyone who could do anything like this, nor had I ever seen or felt energy projected with this sort of clarity and intensity before. As if he read my thoughts, he looked at me and quietly said, “I don’t know how to teach this. I don’t even know how to explain it. I can’t tell you how I do what I do. I just do it.”

He sat back away from me again, and I perceived those emotional shields erecting around him, double strength. Very quietly, almost hesitantly, as if he wasn’t sure the world were ready to hear, or if others were ready to know who he was and what he could really do, he spoke again. “It’s like I said before, I’m different.” It was the voice of a man who truly felt alone, like the last of a species. Or perhaps the first. That night was my first introduction to just a tiny fraction of this unique man’s strange and amazing abilities. In the weeks and months that followed, our long talks and poignant discussions introduced me to many of the unknown joys and dangers of his unusual brand of energy projection. Andre’s style of teaching would take me on a journey of incredible, real life experiences that I never knew were possible.

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