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Intuition 101: A Course To Develop Your Psychic Skills
Learning to listen to your intuition or multi-sensory awareness is NOT a difficult skill to master. It takes a small but very conscious shift in your daily perception. It is also important to keep in the forefront of your thoughts several key points as to how the universe works. Remember: Nothing is random. All things happen for a reason. The timing of the universe is absolutely perfect for your own lessons and learning, and everyone else's too..

Psychic Hide and Seek: How to use your psychic skills to find or hide from another.
There will be times when we need to be able to use and totally rely on our mystical abilities to find someone when we do not know exactly where they are. Pinging (as in radar or sonar technology) is the general catch-all phrase I use for probing or scanning for someone. It's a way of sending out a locating sort of psychic feeler, obtaining information about direction, distance, and disposition of another individual. Several different techniques can be employed to do this, both mundane and perhaps magical....

Scrying:  Crystal Ball Gazing and More
Most people are very familiar with the concept of scrying, but not the term.  Picture a wizard like Harry Potter gazing into a crystal ball and you have the classic image of someone practicing this ancient metaphysical art.  Historically and culturally, crystal balls are not the only things used as speculums to receive psychic visions.

My Sources, or how I do psychic readings or medical intuitive readings.
Su describes her method of clairvoyance.

Exploring the realms of psychokinesis, telekinesis, and energy projection
Of all the individuals that I know with natural multi-sensory skills and abilities, about ninety-eight percent of them I would classify as energy receptionists: psychics, sensitives and intuitives. It is rare that I encounter an individual who is spontaneously strong at energy projection work with no formal training. While I myself have a bit of research and fair amount of skill in this area, I gained a new appreciation for top-notch projectionists and how very powerful they can be this summer. Let me first give you a little background......

Mind-thought journeys, telekinesis, psychokinesis, and raw psychic power..
Psychic skills and energy projection. Here's my first article describing my experiences with potent telekinesis abilities from a person who I would classify as a light bearer, ascended master, or...

The Andre Chronicles, Introduction: Be Careful What You Wish For
This begins The Andre Chronicles, and details my start on this personal journey of discovery into the realms of telekinesis, psychokinesis, and other paranormal phenomena. This was a huge wake up call for me, and gave me a new level of respect for people or beings that demonstrate psychic, telekinetic, or other mystical abilities that go off the charts..

The Andre Chronicles, Chapter 1: Meeting Andre
Having been a professional psychic and medical intuitive for nearly two decades, I thought I knew a lot about telekinesis, psychokinesis, and energy projection. One night, I met somebody who took it up a notch. Who or what is this person? Mystic? Angel? Vampire?

The Andre Chronicles, Chapter 2: Tossing Energy Balls
Some Ascended Masters or Yogis are purported to be in the world today, but there are other legendary sources of myth and lore, such as vampires.

The Andre Chronicles, Chapter 3: Light Bearer, Origin Unknown
The paranormal journey deepens, taking strange twists and turns down the path to enlightenment.

The Andre Chronicles, Chapter 4: Vampire, Dark Mystic, or ???
Do vampires exist? What about psychic vampires? Can they really drain your energy? Some surprising things begin to surface.

The Andre Chronicles, Chapter 5: Healing, Ghost-busting & Fat Bastard
A friend called me over to her house to do a little bit of ghost-busting. Boy, was I in for a surprise when Andre tagged along!

The Psychic. Real? Or Fake?
Su's friend shares his thoughts on choosing a psychic.

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